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Love? Love is an intense feeling of tender affection and
compassion. There are many definition of love. It includes love to
our god,friends and with regards in loving the opposite sex, there
are happy moments and heartaches.

Sometimes love doesn’t makes things nice, It ruins everything,
It breaks your heart. It makes things bad and sometimes we love the
wrong person. There is no exemption in love. I also once fell inlove
but we broke up. It hurts more every time I see him. I don’t know if
I will hate him or take my sweet revenge.But I can’t.Letting Go of
someone is hardest thing to do. Although
you don’t want him to let go but you should because you love him, and
loving him is giving his freedom. Some says “If you love him fight for
him, but how could you fight if that person already gives up?
Are you willing to take the risk? Are you ready to let him go or
despite the pain? You shouldn’t forget the sweet memories. You should
realize that person would never be yours.

Wait for the person that love you back and never wait for Mr. perfect
because their will never be.Forget the past, live the present and
move forward for the future there is always a man or woman for you
and me as well.



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